One Hook…Lots of Yarn…Housework can wait!

Hi and Welcome to my site! I’ve decided to do my first blog on the reason why I love to crochet.
I’ve always wanted to learn how to crochet when I was younger. However, I had a busy lifestyle then… I was always on the go and I never was fully committed to learning only because I thought crocheting would take up all of my free time. I’ve always seen elderly people crochet big projects and it seem they was on that project for years (I was only ten back then) so I said forget it. As the years went by and when youtube came into my life…all the free how to videos was right in the palms of my hands so I had no excuses on why I couldn’t learn how to crochet. Mid October I went to Wal-Mart and I brought everything I needed (yarn and hook). And from there it was love at first Slip Stitch and marriage after my first completed project (only crocheters got that part…I hope lol). So since then I’ve completed lots of projects and half a room full of yarn! And years of housework to catch up with lol when I crochet I’m in my zone it’s very relaxing…Learning how to crochet so worth it! To end, the summer of 2010 I’ve started reading patterns more better and I’ve done my own patterns as well…

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