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Crochet Washcloth / Dishcloth Pattern

thumbnail washcloth

Tutorial can be found here:

My pattern/s may not be redistributed or copied in any way. Of course you can sell or donate your finish product; I just ask that you give me credit as the designer of the pattern/s. If someone want the pattern/s just send them to my Website or Ravelry page so they can receive the pattern/s. Thanks so much for understanding.

Contact me if you have any problems:

What you’ll need:

Crochet Hook Size G

Cotton 4ply Yarn

Stitches used in this pattern:


Single Crochet-SC

Double Crochet-DC

** Repeat



Ch 33

Row 1- SC in the second CH from the hook, SC in each stitch across (32)

Row 2-*Skip 1st st, DC in the next 3stitches, go back to the stitch you skipped, DC in that stitch* Repeat all the way across (32)

Row 3- CH 1 (count as your 1st SC) SC in each stitch across

Row 4- Repeat Row 2

Row 5- Repeat Row 3

Row 6- Repeat Row 2

Row 7- Repeat Row 3

Row 8- Repeat Row 2

Row 9- Repeat Row 3

Row 10- Repeat Row 2

Row 11- Repeat Row 3

Row 12- Repeat Row 2

Row 13- Repeat Row 3

Row 14- Repeat Row 2

Row 15- Repeat Row 3

Row 16- Repeat Row 2

Row 17- Repeat Row 3

Row 18- Repeat Row 2

Row 19- Repeat Row 3

Row 20- Repeat Row 2

Row 21- Repeat Row 3

Row 22- sc all the way around, when you reach each corners, put 3 sc in those stitches

Join in the 1st stitch draw a loop and fasten off



Peace, Love and Happy Crocheting!