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Photos of another Crocheter using my Pattern!

Shamarion Nikki Marcus a Facebook Friend of mines. She had completed her 1st completed crochet project by using my Pattern!
And She did a AWESOME JOB!

Thank you Nikki for Posting up these pics on FB! Peace, Love and Happy Crocheting!

If you have pics of your crochet work of a pattern that was written by me Please share and I will post it to my Blog 🙂 Thanks in Advance!

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1st Crochet Swap!

My newsiest thing to do is crochet swap with other crocheters! The 1st person I’ve decided to do a crochet swap  with was a crochet sister on youtube name MzCJA aka IttyBitty! She mentioned me on her blog   and I was so honor of that. She is awesome and one day God willing she will have her own business and I will be ordering from her :). Even thou, I crochet it’s always a great feeling that I get when someone else takes the time to make something for me 🙂

 Profiling in the hat she made for me!

Crocheting Fashionista Jess

I love it sooooooooo Much! She is new to crochet but she’s already a pro! We received our hats 8/15  and I was smiling ear to ear before I even opened my package! I seen the pictures Friday on Facebook and I was smiling ear to ear but when I seen it and I put it on the first thing I said was,”IT FITS!” LOL And I look Hot in it!

And Here’s A Photo of  Itty Wearing the Hat I made for her 🙂

 She Looks Awesome! 

Look for more crochet swaps from me and her soon 🙂

If you are a Crocheter or Knitter and you want to swap Email( or Facebook me… I’ll be happy to do a swap with you 🙂

Peace,   Love and Happy Crocheting/Knitting!

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Crocheting Fashionista’s Latest Crochet work :)

I’ve been working on more of my original patterns and trying my best testing them out. Enjoy some of my Latest Designs! 🙂 Peace, Love and Happy Crocheting! With Love, Philly Crocheting Fashionista

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What my Hands Been up to…

I know it’s been a while since I posted on my Blog. However, I’ve been organizing my home alot so I can relax and crochet more during the summer. I’m trying new things like making a Afghan of a cartoon character (Riley, From the Boondocks) for hubby and also learning how create my own afghan using graph paper :).

Also I’ve became a Pescetarian. A Pescetarian is a person who just eat, seafood, vegetables, fruit, nuts, grains, beans, eggs and dairy. Bottom line is, I don’t eat meat. It’s been 6 weeks and four days! And I do feel great!


Peace and to all have a Wonderful day!

Peace, Love and Happy Crocheting!

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How to make your own YARN-Tainer!

If you don’t want to wait for your yarn-tainer to arrive in the mail…or you simply don’t want to spend that much on a container with a hole in it then keep reading …I’m going to help you make your own yarn-tainer!

This is what you’ll need:

  • Jewelry Pliers
  • small crochet hook
  • container (I got mines from dollar tree)


  • Find the small dot on container lid sometimes there are two and sometimes there is one in the center. I already poke a hole through mines lol (sorry)

  • take your jewelry pliers and poke a hole through the lid, make sure the hole is big enough to pull your yarn through


  • open your container and take your crochet hook put it in the hole and grab your yarn from back to front
  • close the lid
  • and crochet!


and there you have it your own Yarn-Tainer!

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A yarn and Cupcake Kind of day!

Today was pretty awesome. Work was great and I met up with Hubby and our cousin Garrett. They decided to go to the yarn store with me 🙂 When I went inside the yarn store “LOOP” I was like a kid in a candy store! And I shop til I dropped! I brought a new crochet hook which I absolutely love! And four balls of sheep yarn! I manage to remember to take pictures before I left the store 🙂










Before we went home we went to a bakery call sweet freedom its “Philadelphia’s first and only completely gluten-free, vegan, allergy-friendly bakery! ” Before you first walk in the door you can smell fresh bake goods! It was awesome.

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Memorial Items

Jadon Lewis King-Cason 1.19.11 – 1.31.11

Since the passing of my son Jadon I found myself looking for more things to honor my son…I came across some sites that have beautiful  jewelry to honor the loss of a child due to M/C, SIDS, Stillbirth Infant Loss and etc (I will post the links at the bottom 🙂 ). The owners of some sites Hand-make each item  for the Mother/Fathers of Angel Babies and they can make it for other relatives as well. So I thought to myself, before I buy something from a site I want to make something that  Honors my child and other children as well 🙂 I went in my living room and found Baby Pink and Blue yarn right next to one another and it’s crazy because that’s the colors of Pregnancy and Infant Loss so I was like okay so I will blend them together and make a Tam.


Then I Finished the Tam and I wanted to make a re-attachable  ribbon to go with the hat and I did. And it came out Beautiful.

I put my tears inside this Tam because it remind me of the hat he had on his head when I held him.  I loved making it and maybe in the future when I get myself together and work more on my site I will make more for others to help them in remembering the loss of their love ones. Thanks For reading! PEACE, LOVE AND HAPPY CROCHETING!





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One Hook…Lots of Yarn…Housework can wait!

Hi and Welcome to my site! I’ve decided to do my first blog on the reason why I love to crochet.
I’ve always wanted to learn how to crochet when I was younger. However, I had a busy lifestyle then… I was always on the go and I never was fully committed to learning only because I thought crocheting would take up all of my free time. I’ve always seen elderly people crochet big projects and it seem they was on that project for years (I was only ten back then) so I said forget it. As the years went by and when youtube came into my life…all the free how to videos was right in the palms of my hands so I had no excuses on why I couldn’t learn how to crochet. Mid October I went to Wal-Mart and I brought everything I needed (yarn and hook). And from there it was love at first Slip Stitch and marriage after my first completed project (only crocheters got that part…I hope lol). So since then I’ve completed lots of projects and half a room full of yarn! And years of housework to catch up with lol when I crochet I’m in my zone it’s very relaxing…Learning how to crochet so worth it! To end, the summer of 2010 I’ve started reading patterns more better and I’ve done my own patterns as well…