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Business Card Tip!

This is the time that people are looking for a smarter way to improve there Business cards. So I’ve decide to make my own business cards by going to and creating my vision of how I want my cards to be on there. I wanted a business card I can use in many ways like a, “Business card/Jewelery Holder”.

For my card I decided to use my own logo I created for free online…I forgot the online software…but you can google free logo maker and take it from there. By, making your own logo you save lots of money especially if you are starting your own business. I must warn you some sites say they are free but you have to pay a membership fee! DON’T DO IT!!!!! Go to another site!

Then I decided to created the back of my business cards by using a phrase I love saying when I give a gift to someone and I always say,”Handmade with Love…Especially for you!” just to give my cards a bit of a personalty to it so someone will look back on the card and say, “AWWWWW” 🙂 Last but  not least, I made sure I give my customers three ways to contact me. However, I did not use a phone number. Only because what if I decided to change my number? I’ll have to re-order cards and be stuck with the remaining cards that has my old number.

After I completed everything I order my cards and a week later which is today my cards came! And I’m please with the results 🙂

100 cards for 11.00! (take advantage of promo-codes!)

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Photos of another Crocheter using my Pattern!

Shamarion Nikki Marcus a Facebook Friend of mines. She had completed her 1st completed crochet project by using my Pattern!
And She did a AWESOME JOB!

Thank you Nikki for Posting up these pics on FB! Peace, Love and Happy Crocheting!

If you have pics of your crochet work of a pattern that was written by me Please share and I will post it to my Blog 🙂 Thanks in Advance!

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1st Crochet Swap!

My newsiest thing to do is crochet swap with other crocheters! The 1st person I’ve decided to do a crochet swap  with was a crochet sister on youtube name MzCJA aka IttyBitty! She mentioned me on her blog   and I was so honor of that. She is awesome and one day God willing she will have her own business and I will be ordering from her :). Even thou, I crochet it’s always a great feeling that I get when someone else takes the time to make something for me 🙂

 Profiling in the hat she made for me!

Crocheting Fashionista Jess

I love it sooooooooo Much! She is new to crochet but she’s already a pro! We received our hats 8/15  and I was smiling ear to ear before I even opened my package! I seen the pictures Friday on Facebook and I was smiling ear to ear but when I seen it and I put it on the first thing I said was,”IT FITS!” LOL And I look Hot in it!

And Here’s A Photo of  Itty Wearing the Hat I made for her 🙂

 She Looks Awesome! 

Look for more crochet swaps from me and her soon 🙂

If you are a Crocheter or Knitter and you want to swap Email( or Facebook me… I’ll be happy to do a swap with you 🙂

Peace,   Love and Happy Crocheting/Knitting!

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Crocheting Fashionista’s Latest Crochet work :)

I’ve been working on more of my original patterns and trying my best testing them out. Enjoy some of my Latest Designs! 🙂 Peace, Love and Happy Crocheting! With Love, Philly Crocheting Fashionista