How to wash crocheted items

Personally, I believe all hand-made  items should be well taken care of. They should have your undivided attention. Therefore, all crocheted items should be HAND WASHED! DON’T PLACE THEM IN A WASHER OR DRYER! Also, DO NOT use BLEACH on any of the crocheted items, even if the item is white. I don’t know what will happen if you wash your handmade items in the washer. Using heat from the dryer can cause shrinkage. However, if you feel as though you want to take a risk, please use Gentle Cycle and flat dry it on a towel. DO NOT WRING IT OUT. And NEVER IRON YOUR ITEMS!

Steps for hand-washing

Needed: sink, cold/warm water, mild detergent or mild baby soap, two towels, and patience

• Fill the sink up with cold or lukewarm water, mild detergent, mild baby soap or 100% natural detergent.

• Gently agitate the crocheted item in the water. Never wring or scrub.

• Drain the water from the sink leaving the crocheted item inside. Add fresh cold water for rinsing. Repeat this process until the rinse water is clear and free of suds. If you don’t rinse your item well, the detergent will dry in it and your item may become very itchy (just like what happens if you wash your clothes with too much detergent)

• Hold the item from underneath as you place it flat on a dry towel.

• Press out extra moisture between two towels, then lay item flat to dry

Have a crocheted blanket? Don’t worry. It can be washed as well.

• Fill your washing machine with cold water, and add mild baby soap or mild detergent

• Set the washer cycle on normal or gentle setting

• When the washer cycle is complete, remove blanket and hang it on a drying rack to dry

• If you want to use a dryer, please put the setting on low heat and check on the blanket from time to time… You don’t want to fully dry the blanket. Remove it while slightly damp and hang on rack to fully dry so you can keep its normal shape.

Refunds and Exchanges

Before I ship any item(s), I will take a photo of your completed item(s) and email it to you so you can give me the go-ahead to ship your items to you. I do not make refunds or exchanges because each item is custom-made; but, if the error is mine, you can ship the item back to me and I will make a fresh new item and ship it back to you! If you have ANY questions or concerns, please feel free to message me first. Do not post messages on my wall because I might not see them immediately.

Thanks so much!!!

Crochet Patterns Purchase

You may not sell my patterns or give them away for free. You can share the link to the pattern/s so they can purchase it. And you may sell your finish product. Please give me and my patterns credit where credit is due 🙂 Thanks so much for the support!

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