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The Single Treble Tam Pattern

What you’ll need:
4ply yarn ( I used Red Heart Super Saver Turqua)
J Hook and a I Hook
Marker (you can use a different color of scrap yarn)
Tapestry Needle
Click on the Links below to watch the video tutorials of this pattern
How to Crochet a Tam pt 1

How to Crochet a Tam pt 2

Okay now lets get started:

Slip Knot

Row 1 : 10 Sc inside the loop
Row2: 2 Sc in each Sc (total of 20)
Row 3: 2 Sc in each Sc (total of 40)
Row 4: Chain 4 (Count as your 1st Treble Crochet ) 1 Treble crochet in the same stitch , 2 Treble crochet in each stitch (total of 80) Slip Stitch
Row 5-11: Chain 4 (Count as your 1st Treble Crochet) 1 Treble in each stitch (total of 80) slip stitch and repeat until you end Row 11
Row 6 (Repeat Row 5)
Row 7(Repeat Row 5)
Row8(Repeat Row 5)
Row 9(Repeat Row5)
Row 10(Repeat Row 5)
Row 11 (Repeat Row 5)

Change your hook (you are now using a I hook)

Row 12: 1 Sc in each Treble crochet
Row 13: 1 Sc in the next four Sc and Slip stitch in the 5th stitch and repeat, slip stitch

Draw up enough tail
And weave all ends

Peace, Love and Happy Crocheting!

© Jessica N. King-Cason

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