Memorial Items

Jadon Lewis King-Cason 1.19.11 – 1.31.11

Since the passing of my son Jadon I found myself looking for more things to honor my son…I came across some sites that have beautiful  jewelry to honor the loss of a child due to M/C, SIDS, Stillbirth Infant Loss and etc (I will post the links at the bottom 🙂 ). The owners of some sites Hand-make each item  for the Mother/Fathers of Angel Babies and they can make it for other relatives as well. So I thought to myself, before I buy something from a site I want to make something that  Honors my child and other children as well 🙂 I went in my living room and found Baby Pink and Blue yarn right next to one another and it’s crazy because that’s the colors of Pregnancy and Infant Loss so I was like okay so I will blend them together and make a Tam.


Then I Finished the Tam and I wanted to make a re-attachable  ribbon to go with the hat and I did. And it came out Beautiful.

I put my tears inside this Tam because it remind me of the hat he had on his head when I held him.  I loved making it and maybe in the future when I get myself together and work more on my site I will make more for others to help them in remembering the loss of their love ones. Thanks For reading! PEACE, LOVE AND HAPPY CROCHETING!





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  1. Jess my heart goes out to you honey. I can’t even imagine how you go on. I am praying for you. God bless you and your husband. I pray for continuing blessings and comfort for you both. Jadon is just beautiful.

    • Jess says:

      Thank you 🙂 God is good sometimes I just wonder myself how on earth am I still going…. God and the support we get from everyone just keep us going. 🙂

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