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Crochet Puff Stitch Tam (Crochet Pattern)

Crochet Puff Stitch Tam

By: Jessica N. King-Cason owner at Jess Handmade Designs

My pattern/s may not be redistributed or copied in any way. Of course you can sell your finish product; I just ask that you give me credit as the designer of the pattern/s. If someone want the pattern/s just send them to my Website or Ravelry page so they can receive the pattern/s. Thanks so much for understanding.

Contact me if you have any problems:

What you’ll need:

J crochet hook

Tapestry needle

Elastic (optional)

Stitch marker

1-2 skein of 4ply Worst Weight yarn   (depending on the brand of yarn)

Stitches use in this pattern:

Chain- Ch

SC- Single Crochet

Half Double Crochet- Hdc

Back Loops Only- BLO


The Puff stitch Tam is work from Bottom to Top

Ch 74 (Join do not twist)

Round 1- Ch2 Hdc in each stitch (Do not join. Work in the continuous round and use a stitch marker to keep track of your rounds.)

Round 2-4– Hdc in the blo (back loops only)

When you reach the end of row 4 join

Round 5- Chain 3, Puff stitch, ch 1 in the next hdc, *skip the next hdc, puff stitch in the next stitch, ch 1* repeat all the way around do not join

Round 6- 21- Puff stitch in the ch3 space ch 1 *skip puff stitch, puff stitch in the ch 1 space, ch 1* repeat all the way around until you reach round 20

To Close the Tam-  Sc 2 together until there’s no more room to decrease draw up a loop cut and weave all ends

To Add Elastic to your Tam (this is optional) Measure around your head cut and double knot the elastic. Attach yarn to the bottom of your Tam while hold the elastic, ch 2 Hdc in each stitch all the way around, join draw up a loop, cut weave ends.

Peace, Love and Happy Crocheting!


© Jessica N. King-Cason

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  1. Just made it, about to put the elastic in and I love it!!! Great pattern, thank you!!!

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