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The Dee-Vah Crochet Multi Hair-Wrap Pattern

This is a two piece set and you can wear this wrap in many ways! You can wear it as a wrap, turban, or just a hair tube or a cute neck warmer!

What you will need:

4ply Yarn (3 choices or if you are sticking to one color that’s fine too)

(I )Crochet Hook

Crochet needle to weave the ends


Pattern Step 1 of 2:

Working from head to back

Color A: Chain: 65 (wrap the chain around your head to make sure it can go around your head, you can use a measuring tape to measure the chain to get the right fitting)

Join and try not to twist the chain (Now go to Row 1)

However if you think you will twist the chain then  sc in the second chain from the hook, sc in each stitch then join and ch 1


Row 1: SC in the second ch from the hook,  SC in each stitch

Row 2-4: SC in each stitch

Row 5: Chain 5 (Count as your first double crochet chain 2), *skip 2 stitches, dc ch2 in the next stitch*,  *REPEAT ALL THE WAY AROUND*


Row 6-9: Repeat Row 5

Attach Color: B

ROW 10-14: Repeat Row 5

Attach Color C

 ROW 15-19: Repeat Row 5

Attach Color A

Row 20-24: Repeat row 5 and at the end ch 1 draw up a tail cut and weave all ends.


 Pattern Step 2 of 2

(The long strip that you will use to wrap the bun or create a different style) you can make on or two in the picture above I only used one for the bun and you can make another one for the front.



Make One or Two

Color A: Chain 260

Row 1: HDC in the third chain from the hook, HDC in each stitch

Attach Color B

Row 2: Ch 2, HDC in each stitch

Attach Color C

Row 3: Ch 2, HDC in each stitch

Ch1 draw up a tail cut and weave all ends


How to get the bun effect

Step 1: Put your hair into a bun (up or down)

Step 2: Put the hair tube on (you will notice the bun will be cover and you have some of the tube hanging)

Step 3: Hold you strip in one hand and fold the rest of the tube behind your bun with your other hand, wrap and tie the strip around the bun)

If you made another strip wrap it in the front

Have fun and create different styles!


Peace, Love and Happy Crocheting!

© Jessica N. King-Cason


2 thoughts on “The Dee-Vah Crochet Multi Hair-Wrap Pattern

  1. Could you please show ways to we’re the mess hair wrap

    Thank you

  2. These are amazing! Beautiful work!
    Where can I find more of your work, patterns and others who create these ?
    Thank you fellow artisan:)

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