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Jess Signature Flower

© Jessica N. King-Cason

What you’ll need:

4ply Yarn and a G Hook the bigger the Hook the Bigger the Flower will be

Tapestry Needle and Scissors

Also: You can use Crochet Thread with 00/3.50mm crochet hook


(Picture of the Flower using crochet thread)

Stitches that will be used in this Pattern

Magic Circle: MC

Single Crochet: SC

Chain: CH

Double crochet: DC

Slip Stitch: Sl St

Main Stitch used!

Bobble Stitch (My Version) Work 4 dc, with each double crochet you do keep one loop from the double crochet, remaining on the crochet hook, then go through all loops at the end of the 4th dc

Let’s get started:

Round 1: Start with a MC, 14sc inside the MC, join

Round 2: ch3, work 3dc into the same stitch, (Remember to keep one st , remaining on the hook from each double crochet) yarn over and go through all loops on the hook.  *Ch 4, skip 1 single crochet, 1 bobble stitch in the next sc*, repeat all the way around , Ch4 join at the beginning of your 1st ch4  (You should have 7 bobbles all together)


Round3: Sc in the ch4 sp, 7 dc in the same ch4 sp, *sc in the next ch4 , 7 dc in the same ch4 space*

*Repeat all the way around * Join in the back of your 1st sc

Draw up a small tail

Cut and weave all ends!

Peace, Love and Happy Crocheting!

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  1. Hi Jess, My name is Andrea…Im also a crocheter. Ive been doing this since I was 12 or 13… Im also a woman of God…I wanted to commend u for still holding on to ur faith after ur loss. I also love ur work. Congrats on learning n creating so fast. Ive made several of ur hats and ur earrings with the bangles. If u should want more information about me. Im on facebook. Andrea Ward-Nettles D…Ooopppsss I 4got…yes I fu on facebook and utube…B Blessed WOG…

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