How to Crochet a Extra Slouchy Beanie

I came up with this pattern because, I love when my hats are extra slouchy. So, Since I know how to crochet I’ve decided to create one myself instead of buying them this year :).

Skill Level: Easy 🙂


What you’ll need :

  • Yarn (4ply)Any color you like

  • G/6-4.25mm crochet hook(if you use a bigger size hook it will come out bigger looking like a big tam if you have a smaller hook it will come out smaller)

  • Scissors

  • Tapestry needle


In this pattern you will need to know the basic of crochet

MC- Magic Circle

Ch- Chain

Sl St- Slip Stitch

St- Stitch

SC-Single Crochet

DC- Double Crochet

Lets Begin!

Start with Making a MC

Round 1 : Ch 3 (This will count as a Double Crochet here on out)

DC 10 more times in the Magic Circle (11dc)

Sl St

Round2: Ch3, DC in the same st, 2dc in each st (22dc)

Sl St

Round3: Ch3, DC in each st (22dc)

Sl St

Round4 : Ch3, DC in the same st, 2dc in each st (44dc)

Sl St

Round5: Ch3, DC in each st (44dc)

Sl St

Round6: Ch3, 2DC in the next st, *1dc in next st,2dc in the next st* *Repeat (66dc)

Sl St

Round 7: (Pay close attention in this round!)

Ch3, DC in the same st, 1dc in the next 7 sts, 2DC in the 8th st, *1 DC in the next 7th sts, 2DC in the 8th st*   *repeat 2 more times, 1 DC in each of the remaining sts (70dc)

Sl St

Round 8- 25 – Ch3, DC in each st (70dc)

Sl st

Round 26– SC in each st (70dc)

Sl st

Ch1 drawn up


Weave All Ends

🙂 And your Project is completed!

Peace, Love and Happy Crocheting <3


Š Jessica N. King-Cason

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12 Responses to How to Crochet a Extra Slouchy Beanie

  1. Donna Willaims says:

    Hi Jessica,
    I like the slouchy hat it’s very feminine looking. I’m kinda new at learning abbreviations and patterns for crocheting. so far I feel I’m getting better with knitting too. I’m visual learner until I can watch then the written instructions makes since to me. You made this tutorial easy to follow, I get little unforsure with some so I may have to watch it again. Thank you so much for caring & sharing! MERRY CHRISTMAS

    Sincerely Donna

  2. Crystal says:

    I have followed both Part 1 and 2 of your tutorial to the letter, referring back to your instructions and I swear my hat looks like a pancake, is it supposed to be flat??? This is the second time I’ve tried at crocheting a slouchy beanie and to no avail. Please help if you can, I’m using a 4.25mm hook with Red Heart 4 Worsted yarn. I’m not sure but this looks a hot mess!

  3. Mindy says:

    This looks way different than the 1 I am making from you tube- so much easier- yikes! I learned from youtube 🙂 I am gonna finish the mess I’m making (looks like a flower because it was too small at 1st-so I added 2 rows :(…!) and then I will try yours) Thanks so much for leaving the pattern and the video. That’s awesome!!! I will keep you posted; Happy Holidays!

  4. Irwin Nenneo says:

    Hi! I’ve just found your tutorial on YouTube and loved it! I would like to give it a go but I’m Italian, we don’t have G hooks here so I’m going to try with a 4.50 mm hook ( the most similar to the one you used, I presume ).
    Any suggestion?( any advice is welcome, I’m just a crochet beginner… )
    You look gorgeous in your yellow beanie, thanx for sharing both pattern and video tutorial!
    Big hug 🙂

  5. Sheryl Tilley says:

    Hi Jess!
    Thanks for posting this video — what is a Magic Circle? Thanks!

  6. Karen says:

    THANK YOU for this great tutorial! I tore up about 4 beginnings on a slouchy beanie before I found yours….daughter will be SO happy! God bless, Karen in Texas

  7. Shannon says:

    Have made this a few times, my daughter loves it! But every time I do round 7 , I end up with 71 st- cant figure out if I am doing it wrong or is it 71 not 70?

  8. Mz. Dae says:

    Hi Jess I absolutely love this hat. I’m workin on my fourth one. My fiancÊe has dreads n he can never find a hat to fit his head so I decided to make him but I could never ind a good nice simple pattern and this is perfect for him. I modified a lil it to fit his head and dreads but it worked perfectly. I think I friended you on your Facebook page n I will post pics of the hats. Thanks so much I love it

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